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No matter what your goals are, injury prevention and proper movement patterns are key. From the start, we try to identify faulty motor patterns, mobility deficits, and strength imbalances that could not only injure you, but slow down your progress toward your more direct goal as well. It isn’t just enough to work hard; you have to work hard and smart.

Far too often, a workout of the day is created for all the clients only slightly modifying where absolutely necessary. This takes the “personal” out of personal training, and it isn’t of maximum value to you if this is the service being provided. Although there are some basic movement patterns everyone will perform at some level, everything from the movement preparation, to loading parameters, to total training volume, to emphasis on weaknesses in stength will vary according to the person and their goals. Templates are just templates, they need to be modified to meet a specific person’s needs.


For most goals, nutrition is also of key importance. We have tested and endorse certain services that can help someone meet their dietary needs. These range from activity trackers and diet logs that you can use on your own. Through our digital coaching tool, you and your trainer can keep track of your diet and habits.


We provide our services for anyone who is looking for an effective way to lose weight or get healthy. We create individualized plans that are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, whatever those goals may be.

Humans are creatures of habit, we crave a routine that is consistent. It provides some sort of security. When it comes to working out this desire for routine and consistency actually plays against us. The body is such an efficient machine that it adapts rather quickly to the same workout routine, when the body isn’t challenged it then becomes stagnant. If you are serious about making significant changes to your body then you are going to need to change the routine up constantly. We will make you do things that you most likely would not have done on your own.

We can help you lose 30 kg, help you prepare for the next marathon, master boxing technique and step up your game. It doesn’t matter what your personal fitness goals are, we are going to help you achieve your goals. 

Our trainers are always steps ahead of you, they are constantly thinking of new and exciting routines for you to try to keep things fresh and to challenge your mind and body so that you will achieve your goals. 



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